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Do you need to squeeze 9.5 lbs? Probably not. Most women will get the health results they are looking for with the Standard Kegelmaster.

We had requests for even more resistance, so we introduced the Advanced Spring Set and have had many women comment that this enhanced their experience with the Kegelmaster.  If you would like to go beyond and increase the strength of your vaginal muscles even more, then the Advanced Spring set is for you.

The right choice for any woman who wants to increase or restore pelvic floor health, reduce urinary incontinence and get more pleasure from sexual intimacy. Everything you need to start effective Kegels now.

Beware of illegal counterfeit Kegelmasters that were made in China and are being sold online. You can tell as these are Pink instead of Blue. They are made of a cheap plastic and have sharp edges that can cut you. Real Kegelmasters are made in the USA from only medical grade materials and are FDA approved.If you have any doubts, just call us direct and we will help you.