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Our Guarantee

For over 16 years and 100,000+ satisfied users, we can say with complete confidence, that if used properly, the Kegelmaster works without fail.

We have honored this with a 100% Money Back Guarantee for all these years. If the Kegelmaster doesn’t help you with the issue you got it for within 90 days, we will refund your money!

We would ask that before we issue this refund that you call in and speak with one of our experts so that they might be able to help you work through what the issue is. They have been with us for years and have spoken with literally thousands of women with just about any issue you can imagine. This is not a requirement for the guarantee, but we’d like to help you solve your issue as we have with so many others.

Because of poorly made Chinese manufactured counterfeits, our performance Guarantee is only valid when purchased direct from us or through an authorized retailer. If you have a question if a retailer is authorized, please feel free to call us.)

Call us at (866) 479-3051 if you have any questions. (Please be aware that we can not help you if you purchased from an unauthorized distributor)