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How the Kegelmaster Uses Resistance for Effective Kegel Exercises


Spring-assisted resistance strengthens vaginal muscles and treats incontinence while enhancing sexual pleasure!

The Kegelmaster is an FDA approved device that is recommended by doctors for treating urinary incontinence and other bladder control problems. Using spring-assisted resistance, the Kegelmaster can also prevent organ prolapse and treat sexual dysfunction, leading to more bladder control and greater sexual pleasure for both you and your partner.

How the Device Works to Tighten Pelvic Floor Muscles

To begin using the Kegelmaster, you will first lay on the floor in a comfortable position. You will then insider the Kegelmaster into your vagina with the knob pointed in an upward position. The device uses a series of springs to create resistance that make kegel exercises more effective.

To perform a Kegel exercise, you will squeeze the same muscles that are used to start and stop the flow of urine. Squeeze your pelvic muscles and then release. That is considered one “kegel.” Many women are told to perform Kegels by squeezing and releasing in a series of repetitions, but this doesn’t always work, at least not without proper resistance.

The Kegelmaster provides around 4 ounces of resistance against your pelvic floor muscles, which helps to strengthen your pelvic floor every time you contract or squeeze the muscles and then release.

Using the Kegelmaster device regularly can strengthen and tone your pelvic muscles for a variety of important sexual health benefits, including the need to urinate frequently and with extreme urgency, as well as to prevent bladder prolapse.

In addition, since the pelvic floor muscles are connected to the clitoris, using the Kegelmaster can give you greater vaginal sensitivity, as well as stronger and more extended orgasms. This means that the Kegelmaster, when used often, can improve your sexual health and sexual pleasure for both you and your partner, providing you with a better quality of life.


How to Customize the Kegelmaster for Your Needs

Before using your Kegelmaster for the first time, open the device and insert the appropriate number of springs. The more springs you use, the greater the resistance against your pelvic floor muscles. We recommend that you begin with only one spring in the first position. You can then increase the levels of resistance as your pelvic floor muscles grow stronger.

With the proper resistance added, you simply swing the other half of the unit around to close it, then screw on the adjusting knob until the unit is closed completely.

The Kegelmaster is now ready for use. Simply insert the device, begin squeezing your pelvic floor muscles and the device will use pelvic floor resistance to give you more bladder control and improved sexual health.

How Far Should You Insert the Kegelmaster for Best Results?

The Kegelmaster is FDA approved to treat urinary incontinence. To get the most benefit, the device must be placed so that it can work the pelvic muscles that support the bladder. There is a “stopper” on the device that will let you know when it is inserted at maximum length, which is around 3.5” inside the vagina.

How to Use the Kegelmaster Once Inserted

With the device fully inserted, you will need to reach down and turn the knob. Doing so opens the unit slightly. You may feel a slight stretch. This is the device letting you know that it’s ready to be used.

Very slowly, squeeze your kegel muscles and then slowly release. For best results, we recommend that you repeat each kegel thirty times for three sets each. For most women, this routine can take around 5 to 10 minutes.

If, at any time while using the Kegelmaster, you feel that the resistance is not enough, feel free to add more springs for a stronger, more durable pelvic floor.

How to Complete Your Resistance-Assisted Kegel Exercises

When your kegel routine is complete, you only have to turn the knob back until the unit is completely closed. At that point, the device can be removed until you’re ready for your next session of pelvic floor resistance training.

To better assist you in using the Kegelmaster correctly, each product is shipped with detailed instructions and a complimentary DVD. We also have a friendly and helpful support team that is always available in case you have any questions.

Our goal is to help you treat your bladder issues, prevent organ prolapse, and strengthen your pelvic floor for improved sexual health. Contact us to order the Kegelmaster today. Your better quality of life awaits!


The Kegelmaster Standard vs. Kegelmaster Advanced – What’s the Difference?

Both the genuine Kegelmaster and Kegelmaster Advanced are FDA approved to treat urinary stress incontinence, prevent bladder prolapse, and give you greater vaginal sensitivity, along with stronger and more prolonged orgasms.

Each device comes with the same Kegelmaster base unit along with four medical-grade stainless steel springs.

Both devices also come complete with an instructional booklet and DVD, as well as a urinary diary log to track any bladder leakage or incontinence.

Kegelmaster Standard

The standard Kegelmaster ’s four medical-grade stainless steel springs provide fifteen distinct levels of resistance for a total maximum resistance of 6.95lbs. This weight offers sufficient resistance to restore the strength of your pelvic floor muscles.

For women who require more resistance, we offer the Kegelmaster Advanced.

Kegelmaster Advanced

The Advanced unit comes with an additional four zinc-plated hardened springs. These new springs provide even greater levels of resistance for a maximum total resistance of 9.5lbs.


Which Kegelmaster Unit is Right for You?

For most women, the Kegelmaster provides enough resistance to treat incontinence, prevent prolapse, and improve sexual health. That means that many women never see the need to graduate to the Advanced Kegelmaster.

However, there are two advantages to starting out with the Advanced Kegelmaster.

Faster Progression

The additional springs offered with the Advanced Kegelmaster offer more intermediate levels of distinct resistance and can allow for faster progression of the higher settings.

Additional Strength and Control

Having instant access to the maximum settings keeps the kegel exercises challenging and enjoyable. With higher resistance levels, many women also experience greater and more substantial benefits to their sexual health.

When Does the Kegelmaster Start Working?

Many of our customers notice the Kegelmaster vaginal tightening device working almost immediately. When you are able to squeeze the Kegelmaster using your vaginal muscles, you will see the device close. You will also feel your pelvic floor and kegel or pubococcygeus muscles working against the resistance of the unit.

With regular use, you should begin to experience greater control over your bladder and urinary system, which can bring much-needed relief from stress incontinence or urinary leaks.

For most women, it takes around six kegel workout sessions to experience noticeable results. However, many report that sexual intercourse feels much more pleasurable and stimulating after the first workout session.

In fact, many women report that their partner’s penis feels larger with a firmer erection after the first exercise, which can increase pleasure for both partners.

Using the Kegelmaster has also been shown to give women easier, more intense and longer lasting orgasms.

If you suffer from pelvic organ prolapse, you should consult your doctor or gynecologist prior to starting an exercise regimen like kegel resistance training, as other treatments may be necessary before starting this or any other exercise program.

Why All Healthy Women Should Do Kegel Exercises

The kegel exercise is the only known and proven non-surgical method for treating female urinary incontinence. A weakened or collapsed pelvic floor is directly responsible for incontinence, along with many other female reproductive health complications.

Other sexual health problems that Kegels can assist with include pelvic organ prolapse, less vaginal sensitivity, and an inability to achieve orgasm. For those women who can achieve orgasm with a weakened pelvic floor, the effects are usually less than pleasurable.

Proper kegel exercises using spring-assisted resistance provided by the Kegelmaster or Kegelmaster Advanced increases the intensity of the female orgasm, as well as improves sexual pleasure for both intercourse partners.

Kegel exercises are often prescribed in preparation for virginal childbirth. Kegel exercises with the Kegelmaster can strengthen the pelvic floor, making childbirth easier and less painful.

How Does the Kegelmaster Treat Incontinence?

When performed correctly, kegel exercises with progressive resistance are incredibly effective at managing incontinence while preventing other pelvic floor disorders, including pelvic pain, bladder prolapse, uterine prolapse, and bowel prolapse.

With regular use, incontinence can cease altogether, which means no more trickles of urine in your underwear, no more rushing to the bathroom at inopportune moments, and no more urinary leaks while exercising, coughing or laughing.

Who Should Not Use Kegelmaster?

Women in their first trimester of pregnancy and new moms who are less than six weeks into their pregnancies should not use Kegelmaster. The device is designed to be safe for pregnant women in their second and third trimesters only.

Women who have had genitourinary or pelvic surgery should also wait six weeks before using a device like the Kegelmaster.

If you have any doubts or concerns about the use of the Kegelmaster or Kegelmaster Advanced, discuss your specific medical situation with your doctor, gynecologist or other medical professional. Only a doctor is qualified to make medical recommendations for your specific sexual and reproductive health situation.

Order the Kegelmaster or Advanced Kegelmaster Today!

The Kegelmaster is completely safe, FDA approved, and made right here in the United States of America. The materials are all medical-grade, which means that you can trust the Kegelmaster to give you the pelvic floor workout you need to strengthen your kegel muscles and improve your sexual health.

For a stop to incontinence, to prevent prolapse, and to make sex more pleasurable with stronger and prolonged orgasms, get the Kegelmaster today and join the hundreds of thousands of women around the world who have strengthened their pelvic floor muscles with this revolutionary vaginal tightening device.