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FDA Approved Kegel Exerciser Device for Improved Pelvic Health

Kegelmaster and Kegelmaster Advanced are safe, fun to use, and FDA approved devices that are designed to improve female reproductive health. Using spring-loaded resistance, the devices help make Kegel exercises more effective for a stronger, more resilient pelvic floor.

With stronger pelvic floor muscles, incontinence can become a thing of the past, pelvic organ prolapse can be prevented, and you can enjoy greater vaginal sensitivity, along with more intense and longer-lasting orgasms.

There’s a reason over 100,000 women have chosen Kegelmaster as their safe device for improving their sexual reproductive health and quality of life.

About Us

We started our company because we saw a need for a pelvic floor exerciser for the millions of women who experience urinary stress incontinence on a daily basis. Many of these women constantly find trickles of urine in their underwear, causing them to search for any type of relief.

Other women find themselves running to the bathroom often, while others experience urination at inopportune times, such as when they’re exercising, running, coughing or laughing.

Kegelmaster and Kegelmaster Advanced have been approved by the FDA as a treatment for incontinence and for improved pelvic health.
Here is how a Kegel exerciser works.

What is a Pelvic Floor Device?

You may have heard of Kegel exercises. The term was named after gynecologist Dr. Arnold Kegel, who observed thousands of female patients who were experiencing urinary incontinence and other sexual reproductive health issues.

Dr. Kegel noticed a commonality in all these women. Each had a weakened pelvic floor, which meant that the muscles inside the pelvic area were no longer able to function normally. Dr. Kegel found that a weak pelvic floor is the source of all sorts of issues, including urinary stress incontinence and an inability to achieve orgasm.

What Causes a Weakened Pelvic Floor?

Dr. Kegel wanted to determine how the pelvic floor becomes weakened so that he could help his patients achieve a better quality of life.

Dr. Kegel found that many of these women had a weakened pelvic floor due to pregnancy, childbirth or obesity. Others had undergone some type of adnominal surgery, such as a C-section, while others were a mere product of advanced age.

Dr. Kegel hypothesized that if these women could rehabilitate their pelvic floor muscles using resistance of some sort, their sexual reproductive health might improve.

Dr. Kegel began teaching his patients how to work the muscles in the pelvis through the use of pelvic floor exercises, which have since been coined “Kegel exercises.”

There is a myth that Dr. Kegel simply taught his patients to squeeze and release their pubococcygeus muscles, which are the ones used to stop and start the flow of urine. While this technique is the proper way to do a Kegel exercise, Dr. Kegel found that resistance is the only way to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles properly.

Only by pushing back against the pelvic muscles with spring-loaded resistance did Dr. Kegel’s patients experience stronger and more durable pelvic floor muscles.

The Kegelmaster continues Dr. Kegel’s work to help women around the world treat their incontinence issues and boost their sexual reproductive health.

The Kegelmaster is FDA Approved for Incontinence Treatment

The Kegelmaster device is the only pelvic floor exerciser that comes close to Dr. Kegel’s original design. Using the device he manufactured, he taught his patients to squeeze and release their “Kegel” muscles for 20-minutes, three times per day.

The doctor’s incredible 80% success rate showed that working the pelvic muscles in this manner, and with a device like the Kegelmaster, you can stop incontinence, prevent having to run to the bathroom often, and enjoy stronger, more prolonged orgasms for improved sexual enjoyment.

How Do Kegel Exercises Help with Urinary Incontinence and Sexual Health?

The pelvic floor muscles are responsible for supporting the bladder and other nearby organs. When these muscles weaken, you can begin to lose bladder control. You are also at greater risk of organ prolapse, which is where the bladder and other organs can enter the vaginal canal and fall out of the body.

If you experience urine in your underwear, frequent trips to the bathroom and less intense or absent orgasms, Kegel exercises with an FDA approved pelvic floor exerciser can help.

The Kegelmaster and Kegelmaster Advanced are FDA approved to treat urinary stress incontinence, and each comes with thorough instructions for use and 24/7 support to guarantee your satisfaction.

There are other benefits to a Kegel exerciser aside from the treatment of urinary stress incontinence.

More Pleasurable & Intense Sex!

Since the pelvic floor muscles are connected to the nerves in the clitoris, strengthening your Kegel muscles with a device like the Kegelmaster can improve vaginal sensitivity, making sex more pleasurable for you and your partner. Many women report a vaginal tightening, which makes their partner’s penis feel larger and more rigid.

Women who use a Kegel exerciser regularly also report that their orgasms come easier, more frequently, and that the sensation is much more intense and longer-lasting.

Kegelmaster Review by a Registered Nurse (RN)

In this video, Registered Nurse Lissa Owens describes her experience using the Kegelmaster pelvic floor exerciser. With a family history of urinary stress incontinence and after four children, Lissa decided to give the Kegelmaster a try, even though she already practiced Kegel exercises regularly. Watch Lissa describe her reaction when she (and her husband) started noticing incredible results after only four weeks.

Get the Kegelmaster and Do Proper Kegel Exercises with Progressive Resistance

In an effort to treat your incontinence or experience greater sexual pleasure, you may have tried one of the other devices on the market. These include Ben Wa Balls, Kegel Weights, Air Pressure Devices or Electrical Stimulation Pelvic Floor Devices (TENS).

You should know that the Kegelmaster and Kegelmaster Advanced are FDA approved for the treatment of urinary stress incontinence.

Only through the use of variable resistance, which is provided by a number of springs inside the Kegelmaster device, can you know if your pelvic muscles are getting stronger, and when you are progressing.

The concept is akin to most exercises at the gym. You pick up weights to provide resistance to your arms, shoulders, and chest muscles.

Eventually, you will continue to add weight as your muscles strengthen, which helps them grow even stronger.

The Kegelmaster device works the same way. By provided spring-assisted resistance to your pelvic floor exercises, and by increasing the number of springs as you grow stronger, you can:

  • Stop incontinence in its tracks
  • Tighten your vaginal canal
  • Experience stronger and longer-lasting orgasms
  • Prevent organ prolapse
  • And improve your quality of life.

What’s the Difference Between the Kegelmaster and Kegelmaster Advanced?

The Kegelmaster comes with enough resistance to help most women strengthen their pelvic floor muscles for incontinence relief.

Kegelmaster Advanced comes with more springs and greater resistance for those familiar with Kegel exercises and who want faster, more substantial results.

If you are new to resistance-based Kegel exercises, we recommend starting with the Kegelmaster, which gives you up to 15 settings for 6.95 pounds of muscle-building tension.

The Kegelmaster Advanced gives you 9.5 pounds of tension. Order the device you prefer today to say “No More!” to incontinence and to start on the road to better sexual reproductive health.