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Women Can’t be wrong

An Effective Kegel Exercise requires Resistance and Only the Kegelmaster™ for Women does this.

Only the Kegelmaster™ for Women Offers the Perfect Kegel Exercises with Resistance

When a woman’s pelvic floor muscles begin to weaken, urinary incontinence can result. Many women who experience bladder control problems find themselves leaking urine during the worst moments. 

Some experience leakage during exercise or while running, and even while coughing or laughing. Other women find themselves constantly hurrying to the bathroom with no relief in sight.

Since the pelvic floor muscles are connected to the nerves in the clitoris, a weak pelvic floor can lead to a loss of vaginal sensitivity, making sex less pleasurable for both partners, along with an inability to achieve orgasm.

If left to worsen, weak pelvic floor muscles can result in prolapse, where the pelvic organs fall into the vaginal canal and out of the body.

The Kegelmaster and Kegelmaster Advanced offer FDA approved resistance for vaginal muscle tightening. When used properly, the devices make kegel exercises more effective for greater bladder control, less likelihood of prolapse, and more enjoyable sex for both you and your partner.



In this video, Teri Hatcher describes to Jay Leno how she discovered the Kegelmaster and her experience with this amazing vaginal tightening device.

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Teri Hatcher
Helen, one of the Kegel device customers

Watch this testimonial from one of our customers, Helen, who used the device to treat organ prolapse for a better quality of life.

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a white woman doing exercise

In this video, Kristi explains how Kegelmaster is used to make kegels more effective for better urinary health and greater sexual pleasure.

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colored objects with the logo and the product of kegelmaster

In this video, Dr. Danielle West, ND tells her story of how she tried the Kegelmaster at age 60 after experiencing incontinence at such a young age. 

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How the Kegel Device Can Help You

  • Prevent urinary urgency
  • End leakage at inopportune moments
  • Prevent the onset of pelvic organ prolapse
  • Tighten the muscles encircling the vagina
  • Improve the intensity, duration, and frequency of vaginal orgasms
  • Improve sex for both you and your partner

Kegel exercise device frequently asked questions, FAQ

What is Urinary Incontinence and How Does KegelMaster Help?

Urinary incontinence is characterized by the need to urinate frequently. Women who experience this condition often find urine in their underwear. These women can’t help themselves because their pelvic walls have weakened, whether it be to childbirth, medication, a previous surgery, or other cause. The KegelMaster strengthens the pelvic wall, which supports the bladder, stopping urinary incontinence for good. No more frequent trips to the bathroom and no more urine in the underwear, along with improved sexual sensitivity and satisfaction for an added benefit.

Absolutely! The KegelMaster is made of reliable materials and is approved by the FDA for the treatment of urinary incontinence. It’s not only safe, but fun to use as well! In fact, over 100,000 women have opted to use KegelMaster for improving their sexual reproductive health and quality of life.

Since the pelvic wall is connected to the nerves in the clitoris, strengthening your pelvic floor muscles has quite a few benefits for sexual health and satisfaction. For one, your vaginal wall will become tighter, increasing your sensitivity down there. Sex will feel better and you will have an easier ability to achieve orgasm. Orgasms will become more intense, more frequent, and last longer when your pelvic floor is strong.

The pubococcygeus muscle is the one you squeeze to cut off the flow of urine; by releasing the muscle, the flow of urine will begin again. Kegel exercises are the squeezing and releasing of that muscle in a series of repetitions and sets, similar to a gym muscle building routine. KegelMaster allows you to achieve maximum benefits from Kegel exercises using spring-assisted resistance for a safe, fun, and at-home exercise routine. Insert the KegelMaster into your vagina, turn the knob to activate the springs, and then squeeze and release until your routine is complete.

KegelMaster is ideal for any women who are experiencing urinary incontinence when they sneeze, laugh or cough. Women who have a strong and frequent need to urinate, those who have constantly leaky stool (fecal incontinence), and women who can’t achieve orgasm or who experience weak orgasms can also benefit greatly from the KegelMaster device. All women can benefit from Kegel exercises, and thus the KegelMaster can help you if you want a stronger pelvic floor, improved bladder control, and greater sexual health, including stronger and longer-lasting orgasms.

Movie and TV-star Terri Hatcher mentioned the KegelMaster device on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno. The actress spoke of purchasing multiple KegelMaster devices for friends and colleagues, that’s how impressed she’d been with the results. With a 100% satisfaction guarantee and approval by the FDA, you can rest assured that a stronger pelvic wall and all the sexual reproductive health benefits that come along with it are just a KegelMaster exercise routine away.

Pelvic floor muscles are responsible for supporting several organs in and around your pelvis, including your bladder, reproductive organs, and gut. When your pelvic floor muscles become weakened, those organs can begin spilling into your vaginal canal, and ultimately out of your body. KegelMaster allows you to build your pelvic floor muscles to prevent organ prolapse while yielding other sexual health benefits in return.

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Your satisfaction 100% Guaranteed

We invite you to try the Kegelmaster to treat incontinence, prevent prolapse, and enhance sexual pleasure. If you are not satisfied for any reason, we will refund your complete purchase price, no questions asked.

While we stand behind our FDA approved product, individual results may vary. If your results are not satisfactory, or even if you don’t like the color of the product, we will refund your purchase, guaranteed.

Order the Kegelmaster Standard or Advanced Today

If you are experiencing bladder problems like incontinence or the need to frequently urinate, the Kegelmaster can help. Using spring-assisted resistance, you can stop incontinence in its tracks, prevent leakage, and halt frequent trips to the restroom. Kegels that are performed with resistance by the Kegelmaster can also prevent prolapse and increase sexual pleasure for you and your partner.

Order the Kegelmaster today. With our 100% Money Back Guarantee, there’s nothing to lose, but you have a better quality of life to gain.